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Post by Jenkins The First on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:25 pm


|NO HARASSMENT/BULLYING| - Or at least constant harassment. You guys should be respectful to yourself, and twice as much towards your peers. Teasing is allowed, but there is a thin line between friendly remarks and shut downs.

|NO 18+ CONTENT| - Not only is it a rule from me, but it's also a rule from englishboard. So, sorry guys and girls, you can't share your porn here.

|NO VULGAR LANGUAGE| - I, myself, have no problem with it, but it must be implemented due to our teacher's request.

|NO SPAMMING| - I cannot stress this enough. Post one topic at a time, one time per topic. Also, no ads.

|NO HW ANSWERS| - Although helping people with homework is okay, giving out answers is not. Instead of putting out the answer, explain each step.

|POST IN THE CORRECT PLACES| - No need for further elaboration, it's self-explanatory.
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